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Cupcake Warehouse Sale


Mark your calendar, because this is an event you won’t want to miss!

October 7th, 8:00am to 4:00pm
Free Entry

Cupcake, 641 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA

Clothing, shoes & accessories for boys and girls infant-size 12 at HUGE discounts that'll make you look twice. The doors open at 8am with coffee and cupcakes. This will be a first-come, first-served event. Everything will sell quickly so make sure you come early!

Happy shopping!


Posh Maternity Wear, Personalized Baby Gifts and the Pioneer who Played a Key Role

You may not have heard of Rebecca Matthias, but if you're a mother, chances are you owe her a lot. Like Liz Claiborne did for women's business wear, Matthias was a main figurehead in revolutionizing maternity wear away from tent dresses, giant bows and oversized buttons. The Founder and CEO of Mother's Work, which helms [...]

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Millennium Moms: What's Great About 21st Century Motherhood

Is being a mother a sweeter deal now than it was twenty years ago? An article on iVillage says yes, and we at ShopCupcake have to agree! Read below to see why being a mother is better than ever, from personalized baby gifts to prouder Papas.Farewell, frumpy maternity clothes. No doubt about it, one of [...]

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Hot Mamas: The Maternity Clothes Revolution

Ever since Britney Spears's proclamation that she was going to be "a hot mama," pregnant women everywhere are rallying behind her. While in the past, pregnancy was an excuse for women to retreat from the public life and "let themselves go," the rash of young mothers strutting their stuff on the red carpet and beyond [...]

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Best Baby Hats

The baby bonnet is the traditional hat worn by babies in their budding years. Baby hats help keep babies head's warm, shield them from the sun, protect their sensitive forming craniums, and just add to their general adorableness. These days, the baby bonnet has been upgraded to include many fun and diverse styles of baby [...]

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Where's Your Cupcake Going Today?

Is your tot a determined traveler? If you can't keep your cupcake still for a hot minute, the least you can do is make sure they're wearing the right shoes for the occasion! Barefoot is best for babies indoors, but when they step out the door, make sure their tiny feet are protected with the [...]

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New Celebrity Baby Gifts

We all know that Cupcake is the sweetest Santa Rosa baby boutique around, but did you know it also carries hot celebrity baby brands? It's true! Right here on Fourth Street is a little cache of some of the most popular celebrity baby gifts and gear! From diaper dudes to celebrity maternity clothes, Cupcake has [...]

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Keep it Sweet with Cupcake-Inspired Ensembles

Paging through the Cupcakes! cookbook has gotten our sweet tooth tingling and sugared-up minds whirring! Browsing the full-color pictures of gorgeously frosted cupcakes makes us equal parts hungry and ready to bake, but why let the inspiration stop there? Your kids are sweet enough to eat, so take a cue from these cupcake-inspired ensembles and [...]

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Kingsley is for Rock Stars!

The sweetest customer came into the store today. At first I thought he was just going to ask for change for the parking meter, but then he made a quick detour directly over to our table of Kingsley tees. He was explaining that he needed a gift for a friend's brand new baby and as [...]

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Celebrity Style: Adopt-a-Cupcake

Calista Flockhart did it. Angelina Jolie and Dianne Keaton did it twice. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise did it, and so did Hugh Jackman. And front-runner Mia Farrow did it ten times! No, we're not talking about marriage. We're talking about adoption.November is National Adoption Month, which means now is a better time than ever [...]

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