Classic Baby Gifts: The Return of Children's Toys

Classic Baby Gifts: The Return of Children's Toys

In the age of Blue's Clues and Baby Einstein, it's hard to imagine a time when a child's greatest joys resided in something as simple as a box of toys. In the modern world, it seems baby gifts have taken a turn: the toy chest has been replaced by the Xbox, the nursery by the den, and hands-on learning by simulated experience. The death of the toy chest, and all its bright shiny wooden clowns, xylophones and lovable ragged dolls is a loss of childhood tradition that shouldn't be taken lightly. While educational films and video games are certainly entertaining, it is sad to think of the trade-off for this advanced technology is a dearth of traditional baby gifts. Today's children don't get to experience the Velveteen Rabbit-esque affection of loving something long after its been worn out. They don't know the Linus-like dedication of dragging around a favorite toy every single place you go. These pastimes used to be a basic rite of childhood.

And we at Cupcake would like to see it reinstated. That's why our delightful Cupcake boutique offers a classic line of the type of toys you remember from your own childhood. Bright shiny wooden pull toys, jaunty mobiles and whimsical stuffed animals just ripe for affection abound in our colorful cache. These timeless toys can be loved to bits and have never lost their appeal.

Not only are these baby gifts perfect for baby showers and baptisms, they provide a perfect keepsake or memento to be handed down long after technology has upgraded and the Wiggles are as historical as Mr. Rogers.

One type of the great toys we carry is classic board games. Recreate one of your favorite childhood memories when you spend the morning creating an endless domino tower with your son or pass a peaceful afternoon playing memory with your daughter. These kind of games are not only entertaining; they sharpen skills such as coordination and concentration in an inventive and accessible way.

With our classic baby gifts, your kids quickly shed their blank video-induced stares in favor of brightly animated faces! Next up, there's no better way to stop a baby crying than one of our colorful mobiles. Playful and unique with so much to see, your baby's eyes will be so full of wonder they'll have no room for tears! And if some whimpers do creep in, just spin the mobile for a jaunty carousel affect sure to keep your child riveted and best of all-blessedly quiet! Under a big top of colorful characters, your child's soaring imagination lightly turns into sweetest dreams.

Last but not least, cupcake offers a treasure trove of that all-but-forgotten childhood relic: the stuffed animal. With playful patches, lively eyes and lovable stripes, these Blabla stuffed animals are just the right size for cuddling, comforting and carrying absolutely everywhere. Introduce your child to a lifelong friend when you give them these incredibly life-like creatures as baby gifts.

While movies and video games may be the wave of the future, there's always room in your children's life for classic baby gifts: the timeless toys kids have delighted in for years. Vintage games, grinning stuffed dogs and enchanting mobiles pave the way at

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