Grown Up Designers, Kiddie Sized

Cupcake Jenny

Walk into Mark Jacobs' and you'll spy the hustle and bustle of energetic shoppers snapping up the latest floral-print peasant blouses and signature thermal-style cashmere sweaters. Not a site that would necessarily shock you, except that these shoppers aren't the fashion forward Sex-and-the-City set, they're the kindergarten-aged tots of these chic women!

While designer fashion for children isn't anything new, there IS a huge trend in kiddie couture that's booming-- take-down styles by all of our fave grown-up designers! And everyone's jumping on the band wagon, and I mean everyone! Did you know that you can buy mommy-and-me Hudsons, Sevens, True Religion and Joe's? Or how about dressing little-miss-me in your favorite Juicy terry dress, only one-tenth the size? European high-fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé, Missoni and Marni all sell miniature versions of their adult ready-to-wear pieces. Even Galliano and Diesel are teaming up to launch a pint-sized collection.

While I'm not a big proponent of actually matching your child (even though it was the greatest thing to do with my best friends in the fifth grade!), I have to admit, that I love these mini styles! And while the price tags unfortunately don't get smaller even though the clothing does (Fred Segal sells Antik Denim, 7 for All Mankind and Rock & Republic jeans in toddler sizes for $150!) I say that if you can afford it, even if it's just a once in a while splurge, you'll love dressing your little one in her Hudson's just as much as you enjoy wearing them yourself!

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