Kingsley is for Rock Stars!

Kingsley is for Rock Stars!

The sweetest customer came into the store today. At first I thought he was just going to ask for change for the parking meter, but then he made a quick detour directly over to our table of Kingsley tees. He was explaining that he needed a gift for a friend's brand new baby and as he perused the table of tees he kept commenting on how perfect they were for the recipient.

I always get excited when people get excited over how awesome the tees are, because they are by far my favorite item in the store. So, after looking through each and every style, we found the perfect Kingsley Tee - Going through Another Stage- in just the right size for his friend's new little guy and I wrapped it up! After chatting a little more, I found out the tee is for Mike Dirnt's - (Bass Player in Green Day) newborn son Brixton! I was so excited to know that I had helped pick out a celebrity Cupcake baby gift, and even more excited to know that the tee shirt had found THE perfect home!

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