Posh Maternity Wear, Personalized Baby Gifts and the Pioneer who Played a Key Role

You may not have heard of Rebecca Matthias, but if you're a mother, chances are you owe her a lot. Like Liz Claiborne did for women's business wear, Matthias was a main figurehead in revolutionizing maternity wear away from tent dresses, giant bows and oversized buttons. The Founder and CEO of Mother's Work, which helms maternity lines like A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and Mimi Maternity, Matthias is profiled on CNN Money this month. Like many momaprenuers, Matthias, a former MIT engineering major, became frustrated when she was pregnant with her first child and couldn't find an alternative to frumpy maternity wear which did not reflect her personal style. So she started a mail-order company comprised of fashionable, professional maternity wear. 26 years later, Mother's Work leads the maternity apparel industry with $600 million in sales and more than 1,500 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. If only she'd branched it into personalized baby gifts, she'd probably be working here!

At Shopcupcake, we share Matthias's passion for fresh, fashionable maternity wear for the hip and modern mom. From cute smock tops to cashmere tunics we realize that modern motherhood is about showing off your pregnant shape, not hiding it. And we know pregnant women still want to follow trends and look fashionable like everyone else, rather than pandering to clichés of what motherhood should look like.

The same can be said of modern baby clothes and personalized baby gifts, which have taken a similar turn for more edgy, less conventional styles. Our personalized baby gifts are a perfect mix of everything from sweet nostalgic treasures to funky personalized baby gifts worthy of Maddox Jolie-Pitt. From posh mommy wear to personalized baby gifts, we have pioneers like Matthias to thank for making the ducks and rainbows purely optional. Rock on, Momma.

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