Secrets of Celebrity Post-Cupcake Slimdowns

Cupcake Jamie

Many of us have seen the tabloid shots of Britney Spears and Denise Richards looking svelte and sexy as little as one month after giving births to their little cupcakes. This masterful weight shedding has many mothers wondering, "How did they do that?" Here at ShopCupcake, we'll give you the skinny on how to shed those post-cupcake pounds, celebrity style.

Give in to your cravings. Surprised? Don't be. Almost every single celebrity admits to indulging in a pregnancy craving. Posh Spice's desire for smoked salmon had hot hubby David Bekham purchasing the fish by the ton, and Micheal Douglas admits to running all around New York trying to satisfy Catherine Zeta-Jones' craving for pickles. Cravings are healthy, normal and dangerous if not curbed. Indulging in one area allows you to maintain the nutrient-rich, low fat diet recommended for pregnant mothers.

The Post-Pregnancy Diet. After little cupcake arrives however, the indulging ends. Stars like Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow, all followed the Zone Diet to lose their cupcake weight. High in protein, this diet is becoming legendary in Hollywood for its ability to slim down stars. Elizabeth Hurley stuck to a diet of steamed fish and brown rice. Also, many stars stayed off the booze, coffee, and cigarettes post-pregnancy, claiming it made them feel healthier and lose weight faster.

Exercise. There's no way around this age-old adage for losing weight, but the good news is there are more options than ever for losing weight celebrity-style. Super-skinny star Courtney Cox swears by Budokon, a combination of yoga and martial arts. Curvaceous A-lister Elizabeth Hurley preferred Pilates. Debra Messing and Catherine Zeta-Jones both championed a combo of yoga and going to the gym.

A Sense of Humor. Despite being serious about losing weight, A-listers also stay fabulous by keeping a sense of humor about their cupcake weight. Joked Kate Winslet, "I'm holding so much water, and my backside looks like a cauliflower." Julia Roberts also maintained a humorous philosophy, stating "My stomach was enormous, and the bigger it go the smaller my ass looked, so I kind of enjoyed it." Many times it is not self-discipline or good genes that keeps celebs a cut above the rest; it's their ability to laugh and stay cool under pressure. Cop celebrity style by laughing at your post-baby weight changes. For a huge dose of humor on this topic, check out Jenny McCarthy's new book "Belly Laughs."

Blow it off. On that note, you could take advice from notoriously skinny women like Cate Blanchett, who won't even bother with a post-workout regime. "I refuse to worry about all that fitness stuff. Being a mother is enough exercise for me," she said. Sarah Jessica Parker adds to this lassiez faire attitude, saying, "Give yourself a break and don't worry about it." Indeed, studies show the average mother takes up to nine months to shed their cupcake-weight, so don't worry if you can't lose it all at once.

We hope after reading this article, you'll see that, no matter how you are handling your cupcake weight-loss, there's a celebrity in Hollywood taking the exact same approach. Good luck ladies!

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