Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 11.1.2009

Cupcake Katie

As a salesperson here at Cupcake I love helping people find the perfect gift! I know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift when there are so many options to choose from. So each week we will recap the top ten big sellers in the store for the previous week so you'll know exactly what's hot and what's in high demand. These are always great items to consider when buying a gift but not knowing exactly what to get. 1. Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set by Melissa and Doug - Here in the store we have a set of these open in our play area. Everyone who touches them falls in love with these cupcakes! While parents shop, little ones spend their time, making, baking and finally sharing these "freshly baked" cupcakes with their loved ones while they shop! 2. Wubbanub Brown Monkey - These guys have been flying out the door! This Monkey has a super soft chocolate brown coat. It's perfect for those little hands to cuddle with while they chomp on the attached Soothie. 3. Trumpette's Perfect Dozen Pastel Socks - This is a gift that is practical and cute. We always hear how Trumpette socks stay on tight and don't slip off. Twelve pairs of striped socks in twelve different colors packaged to look like a carton of eggs. 4. Cordy Cream Bear Rattle. He's soft as can be and makes a relaxing rattle noise in his round tummy when shaken by little hands. This makes a great stocking stuffer or baby shower gift addition and works for both boys and girls. 5. Sophie the Giraffe - Sophie is a handmade, organic teething toy. We have all fallen in love with her here at the store, I have a feeling that special little one will fall in love with her too. 6. Merryday Zebra - This zebra has the sweetest smile and the softest fur. Merryday is the perfect size for little cupcakes to wrap their arms around and cuddle with. 7. Sleep Sheep by Cloud B - Not only is this little guy cuddly and soft but he plays several soothing sounds to help your little one sleep easier and more soundly at night. 8. Bella Band in Black - Almost every mama I help here in the store tries on the Bella Band to see how it works and they love it so much they end up wearing them out with a smile on their face. Just unbutton those pre-preggo jeans and slip this soft stretchy band over your belly. 9. Maternal America Jersey Knit Pants - These are perfect for Mama's to be that need a bit of comfort and pampering. They look and feel fantastic on and are much appreciated for those days you can't bear to have a pair of jeans slung around a growing belly. 10. Baby Mary Janes by Trumpette- One of our bestselling items. Week after week these pop up as one of our Top Ten Items Sold! These fashionable socks are the quintessential shower gift.

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