Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 3.14.2010

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on an ensemble the accessories are what truly make your look complete. This week accessorizing was a must with our customers, making sure that from head to toe their little cupcake's are covered. 1. Lelli Kelly Margherita Dolly- The sale on Lelli Kelly's here at Cupcake is just to sweet to resist. Treating your little one's craving for these popular shoes at 40% off the reg. price has never felt so guilt free. 2. Uggs Kids Classic in Chocolate - One great deal deserves another is something we like to say here at Cupcake, and all our Ugg's are also 40% off the reg. price. Its always good to plan ahead and even better to save in the process. 3. Tea Tiger Double Decker Tee - The next Tea item to top our Top 10 list for this week is the adorable Tiger Double Decker Tee! It is getting a little warmer out and this long sleeve tee is light enough that it can be worn even into the summer months. 4. Pediped Noah - Talk about walking all over your competition, Noah just came in and is already making a statement with our customers as a favorite. 5. Animal Ring Rattles Monkey -You can never go wrong with a rattle for your little Cupcake, and something else you can never go wrong with is anything including animals. It is clear than, you just cant go wrong with these Animal Ring Rattles making this a must have this week. 6. Bella Band -Almost every mama I help here in the store tries on the Bella Band to see how it works and they love it so much they end up wearing them out with a smile on their face. Just unbutton those pre-preggo jeans and slip this soft stretchy band over your belly. 7. Flower Hairclips- These Flower Hairclips have been created by a local designer here in the North Bay. Each flower clip has its own personality created with bright colors and a variety of accents like beads, pearls, buttons and rhinestones. They have been paring up very nicely with a lot of our new Spring/ Summer outfits. 8. Due in Tanks- We are on our 3rd order for these personalized tanks already for this season! Be sure to get yours this time around with the new order of all white tanks with the traditional rhinestone lettering. 9. Big Sis Rhinestone Tee- These tee's come in pink with fuchsia rhinestone lettering. What a great way to get your new "Big Sis" excited for her new little sister or brother. We also have these tee's in Lil Sis, as well as Big and Lil Bro in black with silver rhinestones. or we also have Big Bro tee shirts 10. Yellow Bird Gift Tags- These adorable gift tags are the icing to the cupcake, when you are giving that special gift.

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