Will Cupcake Find a New Home in Healdsburg, CA?

I took my dog to a new doggy groomer today in the charming town of Healdsburg. If you haven't been, you must visit! It's about 20 minutes North of Santa Rosa and truly has one of the cutest squares with the greatest stores and restaurants surrounding it. As I was walking around the quaint little plaza, I spotted a For Lease sign in one of the windows. My heart instantly skipped a beat as I ran across the street to peek in the window. Could I? Should I? My heart was beating faster and faster as I whipped out my cell phone and called the number on the sign. Sure enough, the space was still available!I met with a property owner to a closer look inside- it was truly love at first site! My mind was flooded with the possibilities of what our second location could like as I scanned the space. It was perfect! The concrete floors are gorgeous, especially if they were repainted a charcoal grey. The upstairs mezzanine would make a fantastic maternity department and the first level would be filled with all of our wonderful baby gifts, kids clothes and shoes... all of the things we love the most and would want to share with the residents of Healdsburg and the throngs of wine country loving tourists who come to visit.

Question is, is this the time to open a second location and can I pull it off? Stay tuned...

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