10 Reasons to Buy Tea Collection at Cupcake...

Cupcake Jenna

We love Tea Collection here at Cupcake and are proud to be Tea's premier Passport Store in the Northbay. What exactly does that mean for you and why should you shop for Tea at Cupcake? Let us count the ways...

1. Buy 5, get the 6th free. TeaCollection.com sells 5 piece sets but we offer one better- when you buy 5 pieces of Tea from Cupcake, not only are you getting your 6th piece free (which is a better deal than Tea's sets), but you get to mix and match however you want- from boy, girl, baby, any sizes, any styles... don't be restricted by sets that are all the same size of pre-selected styles.

2. Same great deals. We always match TeaCollection.com's online pricing and promotions.

3. We carry the most styles. As a Tea Passport Store, we carry the most styles of Tea than any other store in Sonoma or Marin County.

4. No shipping charge on special orders. If we don't have a size or style you want, we'll order it for you so that you don't have to pay shipping by ordering yourself online.

5. We're Tea style specialists. As Tea style specialists, our staff will help you pick out the most flattering style for your child's body type as well as the pieces that coordinate together the best, helping you avoid costly and time consuming returns.

6. Returns are easier and free. Sometimes items just don't fit or aren't quite what you expected. No need to package your items back up, make a trip to USPS and pay to ship them back. When you shop at Cupcake, if you get it home and it doesn't meet your expectations, you can simply bring it back at no additional cost to you. Plus with the benefit of being able to look, touch and feel before you buy, you're less likely to be dissatisfied with your purchase.

7. Pick up online orders in store or curb side. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online while still wearing your pj's? You can shop for Tea onShopCupcake.com and select in-store pick-up and not be charged for shipping OR you can shop on TeaCollection.com and copy and paste your cart into an email and send it to service@shopcupcake.com and we'll pull the items, bag them up and have them waiting for you. When available, we'll even run your purchase out to your car.

8. Access to sold out styles. Just because it's sold out on TeaCollection.com, doesn't mean we don't have it available in our store or can't order it for you. Just give us a call, or come in, and we'll do everything we can to find the item for you.

9. We get the new styles first! We almost always get the newest deliveries before they're available in the catalog or online. So come on into Cupcake and be the first to see the brand new, must have Tea Collection styles.

10. Shop local. Not only will you support Cupcake with your purchase, you'll support all the people with whom we work, all of whom live locally, and your sales tax dollars stay in beautiful Sonoma County.

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What our customers have to say

142 reviews
Cute but short

Very cute dress. Bought for my 7mo. She has a longer torso so the dress was quite short. But sweet nonetheless

Mila Sunglasses
Noreen Carvolth
She will look like a rockstar!

These glasses along with the white flower ones were the hit of the baby shower, along with the cherry tootsie zip and teething ring! So proud to say that the Cupcake store resides I my hometown!

Teething Pleasing

Cute, soft and will do the job!

Just the best!

The Mama-to-Be swooned over this cherry ruffle footie zip. Baby not on planet earth yet, but guaranteeing she will be styling come October!

Vintage 2021 S/S Onesie
Leilani Robershotte
Cutest Onesie for Wine County!

We Love Them! We now live up here & it is a unique way to say it came from us & the yr the Baby was born! We send these to friends & family all over the World! I just wish they had more size choices, all the time! But this also might be a reflection on their popularity!
Ps We also love all the clothes, shoes & other fun stuff in the store!