A Busy Wednesday!

A Busy Wednesday!

Today was a busy, busy day in the store. Not only did we have a cupcake call in sick, but everyone was out shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. And you know when I mentioned in my previous post "Lelli Kelly, True Religion and Daily Tea...Rollin' In!" that some days we're excited to see deliveries come through the front door, but other days we wished they'd turn around and roll back out? Well today was one of those days. UPS Eric is apparently taking a six week vacation, but his replacement strolled in with seven boxes today! Today's new arrival roll call include:

~new crib bedding from House, Inc. 

~sparkling crystal chandeliers ~summer hats including new big sis, little sis, big brother and little brother baseball caps ~Splendid Littles (isn't their cotton to die for?) for boys and girls 

~Charlie Rocket baby boys- shorts and tees

~True Religion's Pink Rainbow Joey for girls (with pink stitching on the flap pockets! yes I want them in my size) ...and a box of Mimi & Maggie that has yet to be opened. Come in and check out all the fresh treats as quickly as you can- because you know they're gonna go fast!

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