...and we're up & running in Healdsburg

After a couple of weeks of 10 hour days and an insane number of trips back and forth from Santa Rosa to Healdsburg (not to mention my temporary second home, Friedman's Home Improvement), our second location in Healdsburg is finally up and running.

Our official first day open was Saturday, March 12th with a fabulous (despite the pouring rain!) Grand Opening Celebration on the following Saturday.

I'm so proud of all of the effort that everyone put into getting the store set up and open so quickly and am so pleased with the way it turned out-- it's farm house chic beautiful!

View as you walk in the door- one of my favorite salvage pieces-- an old gym locker.

Our girls section on the right featuring Luna Luna's Spring/Summer collection and some gorgeous hand-made tutus on an old orchard ladder

The premium denim display features True Religion and the boys section has all of our favorite boys lines including Fore Axel & Hudson and Knuckleheads.

Our baby girls section- a little Jean Bourget, Mish, Mimi & Maggie- everything you could want for that perfect baby shower gift!

Great non-apparel gifts including all of our most popular sellers- Goodnight San Francisco, Me-in-Mind boxes of socks, Sleep Sheep...and of course we didn't forget about baby boys.

View from the mezzanine where all of our great maternity resides including Paige, LA Made, 9 Seed... also shown is the bird cage chandelier I made with my own little hands- what do you think?

If you haven't stopped by yet to check our new digs, I hope we see you soon. The weather is gorgeous and what better way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon than lazily meandering around the amazingly charming town of Healdsburg?!

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