Ashlee's Style: Bo-ho Chic

Ashlee's Style: Bo-ho Chic

As we've seen in the past few moths, pregnant celebrities have gone outside the box when it comes to dressing their new bods, but no one has shown off their bump like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Her style was comfy, bohemian and all about the maxi dress. In fact, she put several non-maternity designers, including Gypsy 05, on the map for their go-with-the-flow maxis. She wore lots of tunics- both maternity and non-maternity, and was always seen with loads of accessories including scarves with skulls and simple stripes. She truly made pregnant women want to dress up and have fun while embracing their developing curves! 

JUNE 10, 2008- While shopping in Hollywood, Ashlee shows off her curves... ALL of them. This is one time I'd have to say that an actual maternity style would have been a better choice. Not all pre-pregnancy clothes work on a suddenly fuller figure. Credit: JFXONLINE.COM

JULY 4, 2008- 

Ashlee and Pete headed to a 4th of July BBQ in L.A. Credit: JFXONLINE.COM JULY 22, 2008-

More shopping for what looks to be more non-maternity clothing from American Apparel- what's up Ashlee? Maternity designers make great dresses and tees as well- I promise! Credit: Flynet 

SEPTEMBER 2, 2008 Credit: Ramey Photo

OCTOBER 18, 2008- a very pregnant Ashlee takes a stroll in Hollywood. Credit:

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