Baby Gifts for the Whole Family

Baby Gifts for the Whole Family

The arrival of a new baby is always joyful, and that joy is increasingly becoming more of a joint family experience. Instead of saying "I'm pregnant!" when the little box turns positive, the wife now tearfully informs her husband "We're pregnant!" It is even customary to have a Daddy Shower now in addition to a Bridal Shower. And as more and more babies are born into homes where both parents work, more responsibility is placed on siblings to care for the baby brother or sister at a younger age. Since having a baby is more of a family affair than ever, why not consider baby gifts for the whole family?

This fresh idea allows moms, dads, big brothers, and little sisters to take part in the delight and celebration a newborn baby brings to a house, and helps to alleviate feelings of jealousy and resentment that sometimes crop up at the thought of a new family member. If you'd like to participate in this cool gift trend but don't really know an appropriate gift, take a look online. Many baby stores are now catering to this brand of extended family baby gifts. For instance, help a proud dad become a prepared papa with a Daddy Diaper Bag. This masculine messenger bag is made from taupe organic hemp for a manly look that's sure to remind him that diaper bags aren't just for mommies anymore. It's attached by two adjustable straps for maximum comfort and lined with oil cloth and changing pad for no-muss, no-fuss baby maintenance. It also boasts a convenient separate compartment for dirty diapers. The Daddy Diaper Bag is the perfect gift to let the expectant father know he is an important part of bringing up baby!

For a ready-made mother's helper, why not buy the soon-to-be big sister a special gift announcing her new role? Try the bedazzling Big Sis tank in bright pink, with her new title proudly written in stylish Swarovski crystals. This shiny specialty shirt is sure to make a sister feel included, plus letting the new baby know who's boss right away.

For the brother of the baby, reinforce his special role in the family by purchasing him a Lilly Mae Leap Frog. This soft fuzzy green frog will provide the perfect interim buddy, and teach brother how to play softly and gently before the new baby even arrives!

Last of all; don't leave out a baby gift for the deserving mother! After nine months of pregnancy, mom deserves and extra special baby gift. How about a silver locket on a delicate chain? This precious trinket is easily personalized and will be the perfect memento of this momentous experience. In fact, why not put a picture of baby on one side and one of the whole family on the other? After al, they say it takes a village to raise a child, so reward your family village in due fashion!

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