Baby Gifts From First-Time Grandparents

Baby Gifts From First-Time Grandparents

First time grandparents are often not sure what the perfect baby gift might be for grandbaby, and they want to be certain they start this all-important relationship off in the right fashion. Well fear not. This article is meant to steer even the most finicky Nan and Gramps into a plethora of perfect picks for the little one.

Books and Stories: While hanging out and being a couch potato to a new set of baby videos definitely has its place in modern day child rearing, it should not be a replacement to good ole' fashion reading. A much more interactive and mutually rewarding half-hour would be spent reading baby her favorite book. Beginning a child's book collection will get the little one away from the boob tube and embracing quality one on one interaction with you.

Music: Sing, Sing, Sing Music soothes the savage beast. You'd be amazed at how often a baby's tantrum or incessant crying is caused simply because he's bored. If the diaper is clean and the belly is full, it is possible that your little precious needs some stimulation. Play a CD of Classic Nursery Rhymes, or Children's Songs and see how quickly those tears turn into cheers. Don't be afraid to scoop that little bundle into your arms and dance around the room too. Singing and dancing is fuel for the soul.

Furniture: For the grandparents who have everything and want to give grandbaby everything too, nothing says style like a nursery full of unique furnishings. What better gift to give than the creativity and a flare for dramatic design to turn an average baby room into a child's tea party paradise. A tasseled lamp here, a custom built toy chest there and furniture for tiny bottoms will have the jaw of every friend and mom in the neighborhood on the floor.

Picture Frames: Photographs play an important role in capturing all of those pinnacle moments and what better way to enjoy them than on display in a beautiful picture frame. Personalized picture frames with baby's name and birth date can not only be a lovely accent to a room, but the collection can grow just as your grandchild does. Nothing says "I'm one!" or "Two" or "Three" like a picture frame personalized to commemorate that birthday and a photo of a cake filled grin.

Baby Dishes: Both practical and sentimental, a set of dishes personalized with a little one's name and birth date are an excellent gift. They can be used to serve bite-sized meals or as a decorative accessory displayed on a shelf. Every birthday is special, but eating a slice of birthday cake served on a personalized Birthday Plate makes it even more memorable.

Gifts for Mom & Dad: Last but not least, for the two people that made all of this gift giving necessary. Are you a manly Grandpa? A Super Poppa? Do you have a manly son? Do you find it difficult to navigate through all of the difficult choices of baby gifts? Stick to what works. Cigars are always a great way to celebrate the birth of a child and like breaking bread, the scent and sharing of a wonderful stogie can bring father and son together as they reminisce about their own childhoods and celebrate the coming years and creating new memories with the next potential president of the United States. And for mom... What woman doesn't love jewelry? Give her a Silver Plated Locket that she can wear while keeping tiny pictures of her tiny little one close to her heart and ready to show off at a second's notice. Personalize the locket with mom's initial or baby's initial for a sentimental touch.

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