Baby Registry

Buying gifts for someone you don't really know is always difficult. Buying gifts for someone you don't know who can't talk, gesture, or really change facial expression is nearly impossible. That's why baby gifts are often some of the hardest to purchase. But if you have a special baby in your life for whom you are eager to purchase the perfect baby gift, consider checking to see if the baby is registered.

Baby gift registries are on the upward ascent, a beneficial trend for both unsure shoppers and mothers sick of getting the same pastel rattle in every color. Mothers, simply register your baby at all your favorite baby stores, signing up for the gifts that most appeal to you, just like you may have done at your wedding. Have whoever is hosting your baby shower or birthday party simply include a small note in the card, listing the baby gift stores and online boutiques at which you are registered.

Each boutique has slightly different methods of handling the baby registry, but rest assured experienced shop owners will take it from here, ensuring your baby gets exactly the gifts you signed up for! Register for special baby gifts, like the Parent's Choice Gold Award-winning "Lullaby themes for Sleepy Dreams" CD, guaranteed to help your baby nod off at night. Or how about registering for the multifunctional French Country Buggy Blankee, a soft blanket that can be used as a changing table, nursing shawl, stroller liner or general cuddle toy? If the child in your life has enough blankets and music, one can never have enough framed pictures of all of baby's adorable moments, so register for a Bella Rose Picture Frame. Shoppers, rest assured that baby will know just how special they are when you purchase a gift off the registry. This way, you will know for a fact you bought a baby gift that will be used and cherished. What a relief from staring mindlessly at rows of stuffed animals until they all begin to look the same!

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