Baby Time Capsule

Cupcake Jenna

A meaningful new way of bonding with your baby is by creating a baby time capsule. Just like traditional time capsules, your baby time capsule will be full of special baby things from the era your little one was born, the kind of memorabilia your baby can look back on when they are all grown up and remember their favorite childhood moments and keepsakes. Keep the time capsule somewhere visible but unreachable, so the anticipation grows over what's in the special container. Choose a festive time capsule, like the Buzzing Bumbles Storage Pail, to get your little one's excitement buzzing to know what surprises are kept inside.

Save the capsule for a special milestone, such as the baby's eighteenth birthday or the day they go off to college. Giving your young person their baby time capsule will mark their passage into adulthood while endowing them with an meaningful legacy of the past. Some good ideas for items to put in a baby time capsule: A nice item to include is a little porcelain baby box, just big enough for one of baby's first locks of hair, and maybe later a first tooth. Include baby pictures and albums with information on baby's first word or baby's first step. Include important baby documents such as the birth announcement or baby shower invites. For a boy, consider including a marked growth chart, so your six foot son can remember what is what like being only 3 feet tall, and how fast he grew into the person he is today. For a young lady, how about a silver locket, with a baby picture on one side and a picture of them all grown up on the other, for a sentimental trinket they can carry with them through life? Don't forget a favorite stuffed animal, a worn to perfection baby blanket, or most-loved baby clothes. Best of all, include handwritten notes and letters from friends and relatives, congratulating them on the special day they finally got to see what was inside their baby time capsule, and complete their initiation into adulthood.

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