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So I don't know about you, but these days it seems like absolutely everyone I know is on Facebook! It's not like Facebook is new, in fact it's been around since February of 2004. But for whatever reason, it's caught on like wildfire in the past six months (they've almost doubled their user base from 100 million to 175 million!) and it's running rampant! I've reconnected with what feels like every single person I went to high school with, old co-workers from my ad agency days at DDB Los Angeles, even a long lost cousin that I haven't spoken to in years.

If you haven't joined, it's a great way to reconnect with people you've lost touch with and see what they're up to (that total punk rocker guy from high school is now a father of six and a brain surgeon!), stay in touch with people that you might not keep up with on regular basis (look Aunt Alma, the baby looks so cute in the outfit you sent us!) and share and support your favorite political figures, celebrities, worthy causes and can't-live-without businesses (like your all time favorite children's boutique in downtown Santa Rosa).

The latter of course is what prompted me to create a Facebook Fan Page for Cupcake. It's a great way to invite our group of dedicated customers to share in new arrival news, upcoming sales, in-store events and general store happenings. It's also a great way to chat with other Cupcake fans, post pictures of your little ones in their Cupcake garb and keep in touch with me (although a face-to-face in the store is always great!). It's our very own Cupcake community!

Facebook is calling your name (and so is your fourth grade crush)! So what are you waiting for? Jump on the band wagon and show the world what you've been up to, but most importantly, don't forget to become a fan of Cupcake.

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Kristin Chambray Rainbows
Elizabeth Richardson
Great Experience

Our visit to your adorable store was a treat. My two and a half granddaughter had never been properly measured for shoes before. The sales woman who waited on us was very sweet and after measuring Ruby’s feet brought out 5 pairs of shoes to try. The shoes are well made, comfortable and easy for Ruby to put on all by herself.

Darling dress

Granddaughter loves this.

Cozy and cute

Perfect for my 6mo for the cold Fall mornings. It’s thin enough for her not to overheat but thick enough to keep her warm. I purchased size 6-9 month… it’s a little big on her now but still fits and she will be able to grow into it and wear it through winter

Cutest dress ever!

What an uplifting morning, choosing among adorable and distinctive dresses for my newest family member! And the staff helped me add bows and tights and all the little extras that make shopping at Cupcake so much fun. My niece is thrilled, and MacKenzie will look darling when she gets big enough. ( I always buy for those later months OUT there a bit!) Great experience, and I will go back because the clothing is so tasteful and not at all the latest fad.

These are dresses I mailed away to granddaughters, and grandnieces and there hasn't been enough time to receive feedback. I know that from all other outfits I have sent to them each time they were loved and thought they were wonderful quality and beautiful designs.