Bohemian Best Of 2009

Cupcake Jenny

It's that time again- time to cast your vote for your favorite businesses around the North Bay. Each year we seem to win Best Baby Gift Store- honorable mention, which is great and much appreciated, but everyone wants to win first place. So my first question is, why aren't we winning first place? And my second question is, where are we in the Best Kid Clothing Store category?

Let's see if we can't beat out the competition this year and win first place for both categories! You can cast your vote for us, as well as your other favorite businesses on the Bohemian Best of the North Bay ballot. Just click on the tile in the upper left hand corner and vote away. Voting ends next Wednesday, January 21st, so no time like the present! You don't have to fill out the entire survey, like if you don't happen to have a favorite acupuncturist (although my vote would be for Dr. King on Sonoma Ave.), but make sure you at least fill out categories 401 Best Baby Gift Store and 410 Best Kids' Clothing Store. They're in sequential order so you can skip right to them if you're in a hurry.

A few other category suggestions? Best Pizza: La Vera Best Scooter Shop: Revolution Moto Best Men's Clothing Store: Shank Best Women's Clothing Store: Punch or Liv Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Mary's Pizza Shack (downtown location) Best Breakfast: Flavor

Alright, so they're all downtown businesses. But you can't fault me for trying to support my neighbors. Plus, I really do think each of the above deserves a nod and if you haven't been to any one of them, you really should check them out!

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