Bundles of Joy: The Importance of Baby Bedding

Cupcake Jenna

Everyone remembers their first baby blanket. Mine was a cream and blue silk-lined dream sheet from the Nordstrom baby section. At my high school graduation, my parents repackaged it for me as a present, and the old familiar cloth and the embroidered message: Dream, Wish, Hope, comforted me many times during college. Someday, this will be one of the first gifts I bestow on my own newborn cupcake, in hopes of passing down the comfort, pleasure, and inspiration my favorite baby blanket brought to me. Perhaps it's the lasting sentimentality attached to baby blankets that is mustering a renaissance of a similar line.

While baby clothes remain a subject of emphasis and innovation, the winds of children's design have shifted to another baby staple: bedding. More and more children's designers are expanding their clothing lines to include specialty products like pillows and blankets, and the outcome is truly delightful! An increased focus on children's bedding is resulting in some of the softest, snuggliest, and most gorgeous baby bedding around. From handmade fabrics to creative prints, to comfier material, in 2005 what your baby sleeps in is just as important as what it wears.

After all, especially in the formative years, wise parents know sleeping is about all a little one does, so why not make this favorite pastime a fashionable one too? A baby's ability to get good sleep will directly correspond with its temperament, attention span, and learning development. For this reason, a renewed focus on the bedding that contributes to your baby's sleep span is timely and important. Give your little one the sweetest dreams ever by investing in bedding that will be fashionable, treasured, and memorable for decades to come!

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