Catwalk for a Cure, Cupcake Style!

Cupcake Jenna

Last Friday, as many of you know from our Facebook updates throughout the day, was Catwalk for a Cure in Santa Rosa. This event, the ninth annual, is put on by Sutter Medical Center to benefit the North Bay's Women's Health Center. Local merchants and individuals get together to host a luncheon and fashion show, to raise those important bucks. This year, it was at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

And who could have supplied the oh-so-fashionable children's fashion? Duh! Our models were as stylish as can be. But let's start at the beginning (cue magical story time music).

Once upon a time...

The models came in for their clothing fittings, trying on dresses, coats, shoes, tights, shirts, hats, everything in childrens clothing and more! We decided on the perfect outfit for each little kiddo. For one, we couldn't resist the hot pink earmuffs, hot pink Ugg boots, and, of course, a hot pink dress. For another, a dressy button down, dress pants, and black double-strap shoes were the obvious choice. In all, they couldn't have been cuter in their trendy kids clothing. After this, we let out a sigh of relief, only to start the next morning at full throttle, frantically gathering all of the outfits on the floor, labeling them by name, and rushing Cupcake Jenny out the door so she wouldn't be late. Now, I could take a breather, but Jenny was just getting going!

She arrived at the Wells Fargo center, catwalk attire in tow. As the models arrived, she outfitted them and helped them with their attitude-filled walks. After a delay, including some break downs and temper tantrums, the walks down the runway commenced. As the lights flashed and the Brady Bunch's "Sunshine Day" played over the speakers, all of the models walked like pros, well, almost all of them...

It was a huge success for everyone involved, not to mention a lot of fun. And just like last year, we look forward to next year!

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love at first sight

my little 8 month old granddaughter loves her new little doll and the activity book as well!

My daughter loved it!

These bath bombs were a hit! She also loved the little surprise sponge that popped out of them. I’ll be stopping by to get more!

My niece loved these!

Super cute and stylish for kiddos

Perfect and cozy!

Fits my babies head perfectly and super cute and comfortable!

It is a wonderful, playful dress...My two year old granddaughter twirls and smiles, twirls and smiles.

On my end, it's organic cotton - our skin is the largest absorber of toxins - a big deal not to put toxins next to the skin of a two year old.