Celeb Popular Sophie the Giraffe Available at Cupcake!

Cupcake Jenny

Who hasn't heard of Sophie the Giraffe? Well ok, maybe not everyone. But it's not because she's a new phenomenon, even though it might appear as though she is due to her recent media splash. Sophie has been seen all over Hollywood, appearing in the mini celebrity hands of Harlow Madden, Olive Baron Cohen, Alexander 'Sasha' Pete (Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts' little man) and many others. In fact, Sophie isn't new at all-- she's more than 40 years old! Born in 1961 in France and still hand-made in the French Alps to this day, Sophie the Giraffe has been a favorite teething toy since our parents days as babies! In fact, many of them had them, even here in the US- just ask. 

Sophie has been, and remains to this day, a staple baby toy in France. Entrepreneurial mom Jane Wood said her fourth child received Sophie as a gift from friends who were visiting France, where, she discovered, the toy is legendary. "Over there, it's a standard thing," Wood says. "If you have a baby, you have a Sophie." 

So what's the big deal other than the current celeb following? Well, let me tell you a little about this gal. She's made from flexible, all natural rubber and non-toxic, food grade-paint, so she's free of chemical softeners including parabens, PVC, phtalates, BPA (bisphenol-A) and nitrosamines, unlike many plastic teethers. She's lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp. Her skinny, bendable legs seem to be a favorite for tiny hands to manipulate. Her long slender neck is a magnet for chubby fists to grasp and her bumpy head is a sore, teething gums, drooly mouth's delight! And the icing on the cupcake? She squeaks when squeezed. But not a loud obnoxious squeak, just a gentle, cute squeak- the kind that will delight baby but not drive you nuts. Need I say more?

Sophie is my new favorite recommendation as the latest must-have item for the tiny teething set and the perfect baby gift for all of your friends who find themselves sadly Sophie-less (recommended for ages newborn to 2 years). So what are you waiting for? You'd better hustle down and grab a few!

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