Celebrating Cupcake!

Swirly, girly, colorful and festive. Anyway you slice them, cupcakes are hot, hot, hot! Whether you see them popping up as a chic wedding cake alternative, at the latest baby shower or being consumed by the hottest movie star, it seems no one can get enough of cupcakes. From Amy Sedaris to Scarlett Johanson to the girls of Sex and the City, everyone from the A-list on down is developing an appreciation for these dainty confections. The Baltimore Sun comments on the trend, saying "Not since Hostess stuffed them with cream and added the squiggle 55 years ago have cupcakes become so popular and so much fun." We couldn't agree more!

The article goes on to say, "These days, the portable confections go way beyond simple chocolate- and vanilla-flavored mounds topped with a haphazard dollop of icing. They have moved up from standard lunch-box fare to the sweet spotlight at showers, weddings and parties."

And now here's the frosting on the cupcake: a sweet online boutique called ShopCupcake which specializes in all of the above occassions!

From personalized baby gifts to shower invites, Cupcake is the perfect site for party planning and special occasion gifts. Whether a baptism or birthday party, Cupcake's got goodies galore! Trendy personalized baby gifts' ideas include birthday dishes, picture frames, personalized favor tags, baby teeth boxes and so much more.

And it doesn't stop there. In addition to personalized baby gifts, Cupcake has festive baby shower invitations, celebrity baby tips, and-best of all- a yummy book of cupcake recipes delivered in time for your next big event.

Why get your personalized baby gifts online at ShopCupcake? Cupcakes conjure up memories of nostalgia and sweet childhood, just as personalized baby gifts do. And just like special baby gifts, Cupcake's owner Jenny Romeyn-Ramhormozi says that cupcakes are "cute, playful, fun and trendy." Get your goody fix right here at www.shopcupcake.com.

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