Craft Classes at Anthropologie?!

Cupcake Jenna

Craft Classes at Anthropologie?!

By Cupcake Jenny on 01.19.2009

So I'm sitting in my sunny home office, staring out the window at what appears to be the beginning of another gorgeous day in Northern California, drinking my cup of coffee out of my favorite cup (bright aqua with big hand-painted pink peonies) and realizing I need a little creative inspiration. A couple of my favorite creative blogs to check in with are Decor8, A Fashionable House and Craving Anthropologie. While perusing Decor8, I stumbled upon a post about Anthropologie possibly offering craft classes.

WHAT?!!! Are you kidding me? Not to sound like a lunatic, but for me, this would be a crafty-dream-come-true! When inspiration is needed, a visit to an Anthropolgie is the cure (and if you've never been, you simply must!). Every single window and merchandise display and I mean EVERY SINGLE, is one that causes you to ask yourself, "How in the world did they come up with that?" The visual merchandising forces behind Anthropologie are genuine creative geniuses (alright, so I'm just a little bit of a fan). Upon further reading on both Decor8 and The Budget Fashionista, it sounds likes it's true, but only in select stores. And, the only bummer is it doesn't sound like they publish an upcoming class schedule but rather post in-store mentions, so you'll have to visit your local Anthropologie to get the detes. I can promise you, however, that if I have to stock the Corte Madera store to request a class, I will. Talk about needing a little inspiration and getting it? This would be just what the creativity doctor ordered! What do you think? Would you take a craft class at Anthropolgie? Do you know of any coming up at a location near you? If all of us Anthro fans ban together and keep our eyes and ears out for any upcoming classes and locations, we can all be inspired together!

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