Creating a Dream Nursery

Cupcake Jenna

In the era of English nannies and old storybook manors, nurseries were the hub and helm of all childhood merriment. Within these cozy rooms, bright-cheeked English children would laugh, play and enjoy endless adventures. And nursery nannies like Mary Poppins and Maria from the Sound of Music never seemed to run out of ideas for fun. Today, the idea of the modern nursery is all but lost. We are so busy shuttling our little ones to accelerated pre-schools, teeny karate and art for infants, we've forgotten the simple joys of staying home. We've forgotten that children need a place to just play.

That's why Cupcake has created this guide to everything needed to create a warm and whimsical modern nursery. Commit at least two hours a day to spending time with your kids in their nursery, and you'll be surprised what activities their imaginations come up with all on their own.

Deck The Walls. One thing that is key to creating an inviting nursery is engaging wall art. Done correctly, nurseries serve as colorful hothouses for childhood imaginations, and creative wall art paves the way for little minds to flourish and grow. Deck the walls with playful canvases depicting pirates, giraffes, trucks and more to set the stage for childhood inspiration. These charming colorful mobiles also serve as an entertaining touch, while cute extras like a growth chart and peg rack keep things organized. (Unfortunately real nurseries don't respond to the Mary Poppin's snap. Trust us, we've tried!)

Toy Chest Treasures. No nursery is complete without a good old-fashioned toy chest. The toy chest is the hub and mother ship of the entire operation, so keeping it well-stocked is very important. But cuddly stuffed animals, classic board games and bright wooden pull toys from Cupcake make this task a breeze! Your children will delight at the sight of a stray paw or tantalizing string hanging from the toy chest, and their imaginations will never fail to be stimulated by the treasures therein.

Dishes D'licious. Anyone that's ever had a nursery knows that a good set of dishes goes a long way. No nursery is complete without imaginary tea servings for at least three. Personalized baby dishes like birthday plates and itty-bitty teeth boxes also serve as festive flatware for a food-free smorgasbord. Serve your guests in style with these sweet ballerina dishes or adorable farm flatware. We promise your stuffed animals will think they are dining off the finest of china!

Storytime Supplies. From classic books to a perfect snuggly blanket, Cupcake's got everything you need to stock for story time. From the ABC book to fun animal tales, our store's well stocked for spell-binding a little audience. Sweet snugglies from Little Giraffe ease the transition from story time to sleepy time. We especially love these chenille blankets… Musical Mélange.

No matter what you're chosen nursery activity: drawing, dancing, clay molding, or "cooking"-every childhood pastime deserves some good music. Indulge in the rhythms of the African Playground, the whimsy of Childhood Nursery Rhymes or the soothing sounds of Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes. No matter what time it is, Cupcake's got the tunes to suit every mood. Crank these hits to get little minds moving and little bodies grooving. You'll find all you need and more to stock a nursery right here at Cupcake. Consider having a nursery-themed baby shower and using our special baby registry to request nursery baby gifts. Otherwise, just check out or online store or stop in our sweet Santa Rosa boutique to begin creating your dream nursery today!

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