Cupcake is Opening in Healdsburg!

Cupcake is Opening in Healdsburg!

It's official! We've found our second home in the adorable town of Healdsburg. And not just any home, but a home on the highly coveted square! Known for offering the "finer things in life" from five star cuisine to world class shopping to the surrounding award winning wineries, Healdsburg is truly at the heart of it all. And now, after just a bit of work, Cupcake is going to be a part of it as well!

Our day started early this morning as the movers arrived to start moving us in. From things as small as hangers to as big as cabinets and dressers, it all has to get over to Healdsburg. And what we don't have, I'm quickly going to have to find. Working with my favorite local designer and good friend, Ty Jones, we came up the concept for this location as being "farmhouse chic." We'll focus on a neutral pallet of creams, whites and grays with most of the color coming from our vibrant array of children's clothing.

The cabinets were moved into place, the galvanized pipe fixtures were installed, the cash wrap was started and now... well now it's just time to go home and collapse. There's still a lot to do to try to meet our March 11th soft opening goal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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