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Remember those old "Babysitter's Club" books where the babysitters possessed those amazing boxes called "Kid Kits," full of toys, books, and games to keep any kid entertained? Well, the books may be outdated, but the notion lives on!

At Cupcake, we love the idea of personalized baby gifts, and think arranging an array of baby gifts around a theme is a great idea! That's why our new Cupcake Kits offer a series of gifts centered around one specific theme.

For example, if you are buying a baby gift for a little ballerina, there's no need to go hunting around our store or website searching for ballet-themed items! Simply pick up our Ballerina Cupcake Kit, complete with: a ballerina sippy cup, a ballerina TV tray, a tutu, and the brand-new ballerina trumpette socks! Much like the coordinated clothing lines that are popular now, our coordinated Cupcake Kits make buying baby gifts easier than ever before! Give the gift of stimulation when you immerse the budding ballerina in your life with a bevy of ballet-related baby gifts!

For the aspiring musician, we have another ingenious cupcake kit. Sure, their musical talent so far might only consist of banging on pots and pans, but no doubt there's a future Mick Jagger just waiting to be unleashed! For the kid who's addicted to "Baby Mozart" videos, purchase our awesome Rock Star Cupcake Kit. This divine baby gift basket includes: A Rock and Roll Denim jacket, Rock and Roll Denim Pants, and your choice of a Rock and Roll Tee or a Big Daddy Custom Chopper Tee! By dressing the part, your child will be well on his way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Sometimes it's hard shopping for a child you don't know too well. What to buy for a co-worker's baby shower or your children's friends' parties? For these hard-to-pick baby gifts, our all-purpose Birthday Cupcake Kit is in order! In this nifty category nestles many treasures, such as our Birthday Plate and Birthday Frame. For a little girl, our infant Birthday Dress and "Birthday Girl" tank sweeten the pot!

Our Holiday Cupcake Kit has a similar crowd-pleasing affect for in-a-pinch gift giving. Forget the poinsettia; instead give this adorable holiday baby gift kit, complete with the Baby Lulu Holiday Set, the Holiday Tutu, and the Multicolor Frill Yarn Sweater. Nothing says "seasons greetings" like this funky and festive kit!

To acquire one of our cute-as-pie Cupcake Kits, simply visit our store on Santa Rosa's trendy Fourth Street. Our excellent staff helps you select the perfect batch of goodies for your Cupcake Kit!

Shopping online? No problem! Just keyword search the name of the kit you want (i.e. "ballerina") and then add those items to your shopping cart. Your Cupcake Kit will be shipped out to you for a $5 flat free shipping rate! Gift-wrapping also available.

As you can see, our Cupcake Kits are an adorable and thoughtful way of creating a pastiche of personalized presents! Pick and choose your favorite pieces, or buy the whole kit for a baby gift with coordinated class!

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