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Cupcake Jenny

Everyone loves a deal! And why not? It's a chance to get something you'd really love to have AND get it for less than what you'd usually have to spend on it. Even more fun? A different deal each and every day

For the next 28 days, we're going to feature a specific category of clothing, ie children's shoes, boys t-shirts, kids premium denim, maternity dresses or a specific designer... True Religion, Charlie Rocket, Tea each day at a great deal.

How do you find out what the deal is each day? Just follow @CupcakeSantaRosa on Twitter and you'll be in the loop!

Stay tuned.... Happy Shopping!

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134 reviews

Perfect pick and extra special because my granddaughters name is Amelia. We got the last one

Beautiful clothing!!!!

The items I purchased were absolutely fabulous and simply adorable.

Cutest dress ever. Amelia had to wear it out of the store.

Brooklyn Dress

Dress is for my granddaughter who I will visit next week so she hasn't seen/tried on the dress as yet but she usually loves the dresses I have brought her -- as well as her sister - and all of them have been from Cupcake!

No hassle frills!

Great quality for a simple onsie! Love when a touch of details such as these ruffles elevate basic pieces without sacrificing baby girl’s comfort!