Cupcake's Got the Power of Amber

Cupcake Jenna

What is characterized by scientists as a "fossil," remedies the aches and pains from all sorts of ailments, and is also a cute jewelry accessory? Give up? AMBER! We have been asked to carry baby amber necklaces for years and I always thought it was one of those fads that people say are fantastic and then are proven to do nothing. How wrong was I?! Amber has been used for hundreds of years and can now be found at Cupcake for your little one.\

So, what's it for? For babies, it's mostly used to sooth the pain of teething, but it can also be used for so much more! When the amber heats up from being worn, it releases "succinic acid" into the skin, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. For the teether, this means pain relief and the reduction of inflammation in the baby's gums. For everyone, it means relief in general!

That's funny. Is it new? Heck no! Amber was used in the 19th century as a solve for wounds for people and animals. Ground up with honey and rose oil, it was used for ear infections and weak eyes. Necklaces were worn to ward off croup, fever, and tonsillitis. The list goes on... stroke, cramps, muscle aches, throat infections, even hysteria!

What is amber, exactly? While many think that amber is just a rock, there's actually a lot more to it. It's a resin from trees that has come into a stable state after certain environmental changes. It can take a year to a million for it to form. Geologists consider amber to be a fossil, meaning having evidence of prehistoric life.

How should my baby and I wear amber? If you follow a few key rules, amber is easy and safe for everyone. For teething babies, the necklaces are best because the closer the amber is to the irritated site, the better the results. But if you don't like the look of the necklace, the bracelet is a great option. Necklaces should be worn on babies tight enough to where they can't get it into their months but loose enough so there's no discomfort. These are NOT meant to be chewed on. Also, they are not meant to be slept in. If you are so in love with the effects of amber that you want maximum exposure, wrap the necklace around or put the bracelet on the baby's ankle with a sleeper over it.

How should I take care of it? It's simple - you shouldn't! The best thing to do to your amber is nothing. Putting soaps, cleansers, lotion, and whatnot diminishes the effects of the amber. If it gets dirty and you need to wash it, simply use water.

What about safety? No worries. There are numerous safety features on the necklaces and bracelets, so you can rest assured. Each bead is individually knotted on the string, so if it breaks, baby can only get a hold of one bead. Plus, they are smaller than a pea, so they are completely safe for baby to swallow. The plastic clap is free of metals, so no need to worry about metal allergies. That clasp is also held together by knots, so if enough pressure is used, it will pop right open.

Hmm.. I wonder how well it works. We shall see! I got an amber necklace for myself to put amber to the test. I don't have a specific condition I'm hoping it helps with, but overall, let's see if I notice anything. I'll report back to you with my findings.

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