Cute Ideas for the Big Daddy Reveal

Cupcake Jenna

I've been working in the store on and off for the past five years and I've heard a lot of stories and cute gift ideas from customers, but the ones that stick with me most are the creative ways women think of to let their significant other know they're expecting. These are all memorable ideas to spread the news in a gift, all under $40! 

For the first-time pregnancy, I love the idea of the Hot Mama Tank. Wear it to bed or just around the house and wait for him to catch a glimpse of the rhinestoned phrase. Expect a moment of shock and confusion, then a celebration!
If this won't be your first kiddo at home, the Knocked Up Tank and the Due In Tanks are all-time winners. Both are fun and surely informative. Wear them throughout your pregnancy to fill in other family members and friends as well.
If you aren't interested in getting something to parade around in until he gets a clue, don't fret! I have two options that will make a tough-guy-dad coo like a baby.

The first is the Dad Tattoo Beanie by Pink Axle. It's a black beanie with a tattoo heart design and the word "Dad" in proud letters. We have it in the itty bitty sizes, so it would also be a super cute hat to take junior home from the hospital in. They are totally gender neutral, so this hat is fair game for everyone. The second idea is the "My Dad Rocks" onesie with a graphic guitar detail. It's black and white and comes in 0-3 months, so another great find for a girl or boy. Wrap either item up in a little gift box and present to him during an intimate dinner, or leave it laying on his pillow to find as he climbs into bed.
I hope these ideas provide inspiration. We'd love to hear of any other unique ways people out there have told their baby they are having a baby.

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