Diaper Dude Diaper Bags: Daddy's little Messenger

For a diaper bag that won't have dad feeling like an overgrown Eagle Scout, consider the new messenger style diaper bags. With their sleek construction and myriad compartments, messenger style diaper bags possess all the benefits of traditional diaper bags, without all the bulk. Connected across the chest and back, one wide strap allows for distribution of weight that is more comfortable for transport than older styles of diaper bags. Certain messenger diaper bags, such as Diaper Dudes, also have the padded back panel experts recommend for minimized strain to a busy dad's body.

In fact, Diaper Dudes are the ultimate dad-friendly diaper bags. Diaper Dudes are built especially with men in mind, from construction to design. They have all the qualities dads look for in a purchase, from ample storage, to easy transport, to removable parts. Diaper Dudes have compartments for diapers of course, but they also have three extra pockets convenient for storing diaper wipes, extra baby clothes, or little snacks. There is also an elastic pocket for bottles, as well as a removable changing pad.

Dads will also love carrying a diaper dude for its convenient cell phone pouch strap and places to clip keys. Indeed, Diaper Dudes, with their sleek looks, multiple compartments, and capacity for supplies, are the answer for the urban Boy Scout in every dad.

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