From Womb to Room: Decorating Baby's nursery

Cupcake Jenna

Decorating a baby's first room can seem a little daunting. How to keep things cheery but not cheesy, clean but still kid-friendly, creative but not cluttered? If you're experiencing nursery décor nerves, relax. The latest nursery trends let expectant mothers know everything they need to prepare the perfect baby nursery for their child. With plenty of trends and styles to choose from, creating a customized baby nursery is easier than ever.

French influence — Bonjour! As many babies will someday be attending the trendy bilingual pre-schools that are all the rage right now, why not set the mood with a little nursery room impetus from the City of Light? The shabby chic craze has finally reached baby's room, brightening up nurseries with spare ornaments, wrought iron furniture, flowers and French-inspired furnishing. Try the French Country Burpee or French Country Buggy Blankee — both available in a variety of snuggly soft floral prints-or the charming Tres Chic Lovee.

Bright and White — Another nursery decorating trend is hot colors like violet, fuschia, and tangerine, interspersed with white to keep things from getting too bold. Brighter, even untraditional colors like mustard or chartreuse, really give a fresh modern look to baby nurseries, and white accents such as doors, pillows, and toy chests, keep things from getting too busy. Take a break from traditional pastels and give your baby some real eye candy to feast on in its formative years. Consider the bright red, pink, and green striped Annabelle mirror, or the brightly colored 'Pirate' and 'Fairy Princess Giclee" prints, offset by a stark white wall.

Primarily pink — The return of pink in baby nurseries is huge, because of it's traditional connotations of health and comfort. Babies respond positively to pink, so what better color to for baby's first nursery? Add to the luxury with soft pink blankets, luxe stuffed animals, and delicate crochets. Everything will seem rosy with a baby pink nursery. Consider the Bella Rose table, chairs, and toy chest, or the adorable Goodness Gracious Pillow for sweet pink dreams.

Interactive nursery — Stimulate your baby from the very beginning, not just with toys but with art, books, and music. Consider pictures like the colorful Angel Fairy Giclee painting or the rousting "Let's Play' canvas. Not only are they visually pleasant, they are embellished with sparkles, buttons and fabric for texture! Beginning baby books like 'ABC, One Two Twee' and 'Why does Skipit like to Lick it?' strike just the right tone of silliness to keep your baby entertained. Delight your baby with all kinds of songs from the popular 'World Playground' CD, or the classic "Children's Songs." Design your baby's nursery to cultivate their sense of sound, sight and touch from a young age, and they will thank you someday for their innate cultural sensitivity. And to think it all started in their first nursery room!

With just a few special touches, you can incorporate the latest nursery trends to properly welcome the latest addition to your home!

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