Gifts for a Gender Neutral Baby!

Not sure if they're having a Boy or Girl? Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are the ones for a gender neutral baby. It's always daunting buying for someone when you're not sure if they are going to be having a boy or a girl. Some great ideas to give to an expecting mother for her new baby are...

La Sophie Giraffe

Sophie can grow with the new baby from the time they're born until they're toddlers. She has been comforting and soothing babies since 1961 and continues to do that today! When babies are first starting to make out different shapes and exploring the world with their eyes, the easiest thing to make out for them are high contrast shapes and colors, so the dark spots on the cream background provide visual stimulation and comfort. This is any new baby's must have.


These cute little guys serve 3 purposes: they keep your baby content with a pacifier, provides a very soft and squishy toy for them to hold onto, and they make Mommy's life that much easier.

 Winter Water Factory Onesies

Do you want to get a cute little outfit, but don't want to be too gender specific? These Winter Water Factory Onesies are a great idea for your little one, and they're organic! With bright colors and tons of different animals, any little boy or girl would look great in them!

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket

Mom and dad can never have too many blankets and this super soft and cozy blanket is perfect! It comes in many colors that could easily be for boy or girl.

 SoPure Teether

Sophie the Giraffe has a new friend for those who are not a fan of the squeak in the original Sophie. This SoPure teether is made by the same company as Sophie and still comes with all the same bells and whistles such as 100% natural rubber and food based paint. Rings have different textures on each side so that your little one can teeth and gum on it comfortably.

BabySoy Outfits

Another great brand to rely on for gender neutral gifts are BabySoy. They are made out of 50% Cotton and 50% Soybean which creates the softest fabric and comes in an aray of color combinations and can easily be worn by a girl or boy.

Sleep Sheep

When babies are in their mom's belly they become very familiar with sounds and noises that mom is always around or even unaware of, like her heartbeat. These Sleep Sheeps come in two sizes, one for the crib and one for on the go for the car or stroller. They have a batter operated noise maker that emulates a mother's heartbeat, a gentle stream, falling rain, ocean waves, and/or whale songs. Not to mention the sheep itself is just as soft as a chenille blanket.

Good Night San Francisco

Do you remember reading "Good Night Moon" ? Well now there is Good Night San Francisco! A fun, interactive book you can read to your little ones. As they get older and start reading themselves and recognizing pictures, a fun adventure to the city of San Francisco to find everything in the book is always a great idea for everyone in the family.

Healdsburg Onesies

Are you visiting from out of town? Love the wine country? Want a gift to bring back from your trip? These onesies are perfect with sayings such as "Vintage 2012" "Vino Bambino" "Whine Connesiuer" or "Full Bodied."

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

And if all else fails, just get a gift for Mom! My number one recommendation is our Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags. So easy, So trendy, and they don't look like typical diaper bags. That way it's a gift for Mom and her new little one.

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