Golden Globes Gives Celebrity Baby Gifts

Chances are, if you're on this site, you probably know a fair amount about quality baby gifts. But have you ever heard of baby gift suites? Well, on January 14th, the first ever baby gift suite, the Golden Globes Hollywood Baby Boom Boom Room, opened its doors! The purpose? To showcase hot baby designers and give celebrity moms a shot at stocking up on junior couture before the show. The day-long gala in Hollywood's posh Roosevelt Hotel "gives celebrities, stylists and the media access to the hottest baby lifestyle brands," says Jamie Wells, the company's owner. Here's how it works: designers, retailers, cosmetics companies and salons set up elite, invite-only boutiques that offer complimentary services and expensive items to celebrities and their posses, in this case baby gifts. These ultra cool baby gifts are then given to nominees, presenters, and performers at the Golden Globes. But who was the brain child behind this baby gifts bonanza? None other than celebrity style maven Jayneoni Moore. This fashion insider has the latest scoop on the best luxuries around, and is a regular on Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC Hot List, and MTV, to name a few. Moore's hot radar paid off!

The Golden Globes baby gifts suite was frequented by celebrity A-listers Holly Robinson Peete, Harry Hamlin, Kym Whitley, Niecy Nash, Ty Treadway, Vanessa Williams, Angela Bassett and many more. These celebrity moms were greeted with a soiree of sixty baby gift bags designed especially for the Boom Boom Room. Proving that baby gifts are indeed the best gifts, actress Holly Robinson Peete was quoted as saying, "She has attended many gifting suites, but this by far was the best." But if you're not a candidate for the Boom Boom Room yet, never fear! You can get the hottest baby lifestyle brands right here at Cupcake! Check them out at!

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