Hey Shorty, It's Your Birthday!

Us Cupcakes go crazy over birthdays! We love the balloons, the streamers, and the adorable outfits (duh!). Birthdays are a time to celebrate big and splurge on the perfect birthday outfit for all of those cherished pictures. And we have just the thing to let you splurge without spending as much! Our Birthday Club allows you to pick the perfect outfit and save while doing it. Every month, we email our Birthday Club customers who have children born in that month a special offer to use anytime in that birthday month. And even better, when you use the offer, you also get to pick up a coupon for a free cupcake at Sift Cupcake & Desert Bar! Talk about a sweet deal!

If you haven't joined the hundreds of other people in our Birthday Club, make sure you sign up next time you're in the store or email us and we will add you right away. The information we need is as follows:

Your name: _______________________

Child's name: ______________________

Birthday (mm/dd/yy): ________________

Email: ___________________________

Address: _________________________


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