Hot Mamas: The Maternity Clothes Revolution

Ever since Britney Spears's proclamation that she was going to be "a hot mama," pregnant women everywhere are rallying behind her. While in the past, pregnancy was an excuse for women to retreat from the public life and "let themselves go," the rash of young mothers strutting their stuff on the red carpet and beyond has revolutionized society's view of pregnancy. In short, it's become sexy.

In an age of Jennifer Garner's kick-ass Alias physique and the collective beauty of the Desperate Housewives, women are eager to put the "goddess" back in domestic goddess. Here, Cupcake tells you how: the new maternity clothes.

That's right! Haul off the holy sweats, hideous overalls, and floral leggings, because maternity clothes just got hot. These days, just because you are going to be a mother doesn't mean you should have to surrender your killer style. The new maternity clothes let you look like a fashionista, even if you feel like a freight train. Here's how to take your maternity look from frumpy to funky:

Logos, logos, logos. Many of us have seen the famous Britney snapshot in which she sports a cute tank reading "I've got the golden ticket" with an arrow pointing down to her belly. Sassy allusions take the mystique out of pregnancy by announcing to the world you are pregnant and proud. And why not? This isn't the fifties, and the new maternity clothes reflect the millennium mom: younger, more successful, more fashion-conscious, and more sexually confident than ever before. Wear your with-child status with pride with cute logo tees like this "Precious Cargo" and "Due in January" tee. These bare-it-all slogans quell water cooler gossip about your possible "weight gain" and put a definitive end to inquisitive strangers asking that ever annoying question, "When are you due?" (Now if we could just put an end to all the unsolicited stomach groping!)

Precious metals. Even though some days, pregnancy threatens to put you in a slump, keep the sparkle in your step with the new gaudy-in-a-good-way maternity clothes. From Swarovski crystals to shiny gemstones, adding a little glitz to your garb helps give you a luminous appearance even when you are feeling inwardly lackluster. As an added bonus, these sparkly tees are so eye-catching; you don't have to worry about makeup!

Snug comfort. The great news about the new "hot mama" maternity look is that they still provide all the comfort an expectant mother needs. Stretchy, elastic-friendly fabrics conform to generous curves and cater to a pregnant woman's evolving physique. The change? These fabrics, while still flexible (think lycra, spandex, and cotton), are now figure hugging, reflecting the new body-proud mindset of today's pregnant mothers. While in the past it was typical to waddle around in your husbands' plaid lumberjack coat and a pair of high tops, these curvy new maternity clothes are feminine, even flirtatious. It may feel like you were hiding your pregnancy before by wearing big clothes, but the truth is adding layers to your cupcake bump only serves to make you look bigger than you are. No matter how tempting it is to don a super-sized sari, resist these oversized swaths! By swaddling your curvaceous body in sleek fabrics, you accentuate the beauty of your pregnancy in a way that is comfortable, flattering and freeing. Remember, you have nothing to hide!

Trendy tanks. Tank tops are a huge trend for modern mommies-to-be, because they are comfy, cute, and easy to wear. Also, they draw attention to the arms, which is usually one of the areas of a woman's body least affected by pregnancy. Tank tops have a fun, youthful feel but are still made of breathable fabrics that let you move throughout the day. Pair with some hot new yoga pants and you have an outfit that is perfect for pre-natal pilates, an afternoon at the dog park, or your next baby check-up.

Fashion forward designers like Cotton Sisters or Samson Martin make a great line of hip maternity clothes for the modern mother. Take part in the maternity clothes revolution and proclaim to the world that you are one hot mama!

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