How to Bring your Wardrobe from Fall to Spring

It's hard to fathom, but our Spring deliveries are already starting to arrive! It's out with the chunky sweaters, sheepskin boots, and faux fur scarves, and in with the tee shirts, board shorts, and Daisy Dukes. But you need not worry about that full and practically new collection of Fall clothing in your Cupcake's closet. There are plenty of tricks you can use to carry those items right into Spring and even Summer!

Let's have a legging revamp. Under your dresses that are light weight enough for the slightly warmer months, instead and pairing them with warm and cozy sweater knit leggings, find matching leggings in a thinner weight and capri cut. Tea makes some great capri leggings for that weather transition. Also, consider Monkey Bar Buddies for the Summer time - great fitted shorts for under dresses to provide modesty without the added heat.

Break out those shears! Don't be afraid to do a little snip snip. If you know your child won't fit into that Winter-y item next year and you don't have anyone to pass it down to, you can make a few physical adjustments all on your own and without sewing know-how. So many children's items have built in sleeves that look that long sleeve tees layered under short sleeve dresses or shirts. Feel free to cut out the long sleeves - be sure to not cut any seams, just the fabric under the short sleeve item. Then your Long Sleeve 2-Fer is all of a sudden a Summer-y tee! Magic!

It's all about the color pallet! Fall has been all about dark purples, rich reds, and stripes. Lucky for you, you can freshen these up easily for Spring! Spring is all about bright colors this year, so mix thoughtfully. Purple looks awesome with hot pink and orange, so keep those purple skirts and Mary Janes and mix in some neons and brights. Red is a bit trickier, but note that it looks great with the right shade of turquoise. And stripes?! Come on! Those are always trending. Just try not to use too much at one time and pair with Spring time colors, and you're all set! Nobody will know you're recycling. I'll keep your secret.

If you need any clothing items or accessories to spring into Spring, come on down with your Fall items and we will help you make that transition in style. Now, get to revamping!

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