How to Throw a Britney Spears-Style Baby Shower

Many of us have caught glimpses of A-lister Britney Spears' fabulous baby shower. You may have seen a snapshot of the gorgeous bamboo tent in one of your favorite glossy magazines, or heard a sound bite of the celebration on your favorite morning talk show. Everyone's heard tidbits about Brit's stylish soiree, but few know the full story of Britney's Moroccan- style baby shower. Here, Shopcupcake gives you the blow-by-blow on Britney's fabulous celebration, and shows you how to host a celebrity-caliber baby shower for your very own cupcake!

Step one: Pick a theme. Be like Britney by choosing a theme for your baby shower was a great way to freshen the festivities! Choosing a baby shower theme helps set your shower apart from all the cookie cutter baby showers you've attended, and helps guide the selection of decorations, favors, and cuisine. Britney Spears chose a Moroccan theme for her baby shower, and we'll show you how to do the same!

Step two: It's all about the invites. No regular out-of-the-box baby shower invitations for Britney Spears! When you're a celebrity, everything has to be done with trademark panache, even baby shower invitations. Thus, the pop queen prepared her guests for the lavishness ahead by sending out beautiful silk invitations to nineteen of her closest friends and family. Take a cue from Britney by keeping your invitations elaborate, but intimate. Consider hand making your baby shower invites with these trendy make-your-own card multi-texture materials, or prep for the festivities with these appropriate "We're shaking it up! Baby Shower!'invites. Hint: Brit's invites instructed guests to arrive "barefoot and beautiful!" Scoop star style by tipping your guests off in advance to the dress code for your baby shower!

Step three: Set the mood. Sure, not all of us can spring for a bamboo tent and a fleet of bodyguards, but there are certainly some low-budget ways to recreate Britney's Moroccan mood! Celebrity-party planners know ambience is a key aspect of creating a theme.To conjure up her Moroccan motif, Brit was all about elaborate, exotic ambience. For example, Britney decorated the inside of the tent with a carpet of rose petals, and covered a table in an elaborate spread of votive candles, centerpieces, and Gerber daisies floating in crystal bowls. The whole effect was lavish, lovely, and utterly star-sational! To get this look at home, here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to create your own Moroccan ambience. Sprinkle rose petals over the table, and use boxed rose petals and pot of roses' centerpieces to create the same elaborate, decadent spread of Britney's Moroccan shower. Remember, when it comes to Moroccans and celebrities, more is more, so don't be afraid to pile on the petals. On that note, how about a rose petal garland for the mom-to be? Britney decorated with candles and tiki torches, so recreate your very own celebrity style shower with tiki torch centerpieces, and fill pedestal bowls with water for floating flowers. For an extra exotic motif, consider wrapping your lamps in pink tissue paper. Play ethnic music like World Playground to get your guests in a Moroccan mindset. Voila! Your Moroccan theme shower is born.

Step four: Pleasurable pastimes. Britney interspersed classic baby shower games, like the Baby Name Scramble, with Moroccan-inspired pastimes, namely Henna tattoos. The baby shower guests had a blast guessing baby names while getting their feet tattooed by a professional Henna tattoo artist. For your own baby shower, strive for the same mix of classic games with an exotic twist. Play traditional games like Baby Bingo, Baby Trivia, and the Clothespin Game and then shake it up with exotic activities, like manicures or braiding each other's hair in tiny braids. This fusion of classic and unique is ultra hip and a great way to engage in a variety of girly pastimes as you celebrate the mom- to-be. Hint: Don't forget a gift for the winner of the baby shower games. Brit gave lil' sis Jamie Lynn a necklace for winning the baby scramble. Echo this star style by giving a cool pearl and crystal bracelet as a gift to the winner.

Step five: A taste of Morocco. Delicious food is essential to any baby shower. For Brit's theme, a tasty spread of authentic Moroccan food was served, including delicacies like lamb tajine. For an easy-to-make Moroccan spread, consider kebabs, slices of melon on toothpicks, honey pastries, and of course mint tea! Don't forget the Moroccan tradition of pouring water on your guest's hands between courses!

Step six: Memorabilia. It's important to stock up on items for recording the memories of your celebrity-style baby shower! Brit's guests were said to spend plenty of time scribbling well wishes to the celebrity mom in a provided journal. Do the same with a lavish guest book where people can inscribe their memories of the day. And remember, nothing makes you feel more like a celebrity than tons of flash bulbs going off in your face, so give each guest a disposable camera as a baby shower favor, and feel for yourself what it's like under the bright lights! Say Cheese! By scooping these celebrity-style baby shower ideas, brought to you by Miss Spears, you can rest assured your shower guests will leave in a state of Chban (the Moroccan term for 'complete satisfaction.')

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