I'll admit it- Google Made Me Cry

Cupcake Jenny

Alright, so anyone who knows me knows I'm a super softy- I cry at just about everything from a romantic scene in a movie to absolutely anything and everything about the relationship between parents and their children... and this one is no exception. See if you can enjoy without shedding a tear! I'll bet you can't....

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Ballet skirted dress

She was adorable in it and absolutely loved the dress - she did all her ballet twirls! Thank you, Cupcake!

Five stars

Love the clothes great services and love supporting local business

Solid Leggings: Kiwi
Ann Abbruzzese
Gave it as a gift

The little girl (or mom) preferred a different color. I don't know anything about the quality or the fit

Flannel shirt

I really like it but it’s a Xmas gift so not sure if it runs true to size or not

Woodland bunny

I am so glad I purchased this bunny. It is exactly as pictured and is so soft. My daughter will love it for her newborn daughter.