Just a Simple Hello Kitty Themed Party... Nothing Major

Just a Simple Hello Kitty Themed Party... Nothing Major

Hah! Stella McDermott's third birthday party was so extravagant and elaborate, it puts most weddings to shame! The Hello Kitty themed party for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's daughter was incorporated in all aspects of the party, from the Hello Kitty cake that was even bigger than Stella to the pampering station. And of course, no party is complete without a Hello Kitty lounge area or inflatable castles. 

With all of these wonderful details, the best part was surely Stella's party ensemble. She wore Luna Luna's Queen Bee Dress, which we just got into the store! It's our favorite new arrival, and I guess Tori had the same idea. Good taste, Tori! And that's not all of the Cupcake attire she was wearing. Her feet showed off her matching fuchsia Salt Water Sandals. See our Salt Water Sandal selection to get this celeb look!

An expecting Tori invited her BFFs, including many celebrities like Denise Richards and Ali Landry (also expecting). It was obviously quite the party. What has been your favorite kid party theme? We would love to hear!

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