Keep it Sweet with Cupcake-Inspired Ensembles

Paging through the Cupcakes! cookbook has gotten our sweet tooth tingling and sugared-up minds whirring! Browsing the full-color pictures of gorgeously frosted cupcakes makes us equal parts hungry and ready to bake, but why let the inspiration stop there? Your kids are sweet enough to eat, so take a cue from these cupcake-inspired ensembles and dress your little ones up to match the tasty treats you're baking for them!

Hi-Hat Cupcakes: These chocolate and marshmallow confections need no match, just a high cookie jar so they're not all eaten in seconds. The brown and white color scheme these cupcakes bring is most easily matched of all: coordinate with a candy-sweet baby's room décor with this Chocolate Dots Bucket of Burpees or echo the cupcake's two-tone look with the Putumayo Stripe Dress. And make sure you save a cupcake or two for the kids!

Cinnamon Sugar Puff Cupcake: Sugar and spice and everything nice – that's not so much what little boys are made of, or so we hear. Keep your little boys sweet with these Puno Twill Pants in the perfect cinnamon-sugar shade matched up with the similarly neutral Chimu Dobby Shirt.

Lemon Poppy Seed Butterfly Cupcakes: Match the delicate flavor of these cupcakes to your delicate little girl in this pretty white Corfu Dress. The ruching reminds us of the fluffy sweetness of the cupcakes, and the white ruffles can handle these lightly-frosted treats without risk of chocolate frosting accidents!

Chocolate-Covered Brownie Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes: Match the sweetest candy treat with the most delectable shoes in the form of these PediPeds Ethan in Chocolate Brown Suede. Can't get enough of this tasty shade? Keep your cupcake bundled up with this chocolate-brown striped Inca Hooded Pullover.

Sticky Fig Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Glaze: So this recipe may be more suited to the grown-ups' dessert table than the kids' – a good rule of thumb for kid-friendly foods is to never let them near anything with "sticky" in the title. While you're indulging in these delicious syrup-glazed treats, keep the little ones satisfied with an Ice Bling-ky to suck on, and wrap the youngest cupcakes sweetly up with Gimme Sugar Muslin Swaddle Blankets.

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