Keeping Your Cupcake Cool in the Summer Heat

Let's face it, if it were up to them, they'd run around naked all the time – but while that may be fine within the confines of your living room, you might occasionally want to take your kids out of the house. Help them make the transition from the air–conditioned house to the summer heat outdoors with lightweight outfits that'll keep your cupcake cool and cutely attired when the temperatures climb.

If your cupcake's not long out of the oven, your best bet is a fine cotton onesie that'll keep him or her comfy in the hot sun, and still stylish, of course! Imprint an appreciation for patterns upon your little one with this Diamond and Stripe Kimono onesie. The unique kimono style will make your young one stand out in a crowd, and the 100% Pima cotton construction means they'll stay cool, too! Avoid a pink cupcake by protecting their head from sunburn with an Organic Beanie, and your tot will be ready for a day in the sunshine.

For young girls, you can't go wrong with the classic combination of a skirt and tank top. Pair the pink flowered Fern Grotto tank or the adorable bow–necked and duck–bedecked Lucky Duck Tank with the playground–friendly Nobu Skort and you're sure to have a happy kid on your hands. If your baby girl's the more Bohemian type, she'll love this Martha's Vineyard skirt. Paired with the Sweet Pea tank, it'll keep her comfy all summer long!

If you want something a little easier, we believe the key to keeping little girls happy in the summer is most certainly a closetful of cute sundresses. Start here with this pretty, flowy Summer Whites dress in cool white cotton with a lovely handkerchief hem that'll make her feel like a princess. She can twirl just as easily in this African Sun Dress in funky orange tie–dye. And if she's ready for pretty dresses like the ones she sees in Mommy's closet, dress her up in this darling Parrot Key Bay Halter Dress.

If only little boys would submit to sundresses, it would make dressing them so much easier – until then, though, we'll have to rely on comfortable and easy–to–wear cottons like these lounge–friendly Striped Red Pants with Cuffs. Pair them with a Cars & Trucks T–Shirt and he'll be keeping cool while still pledging allegiance to Matchbox. If even light cotton pants are too much, stick with shorts like the Ankara Short with cargo pockets for all the toy cars, dandelions, and (hopefully not) bullfrogs he can fit in. Have you given up hope that he'll ever stop leaping into any standing body of water in the summer heat? Be prepared by outfitting him in these Ottoman Check Swim Shorts – they may not be the typical outdoor look, but at least they'll hold up when he decides the public fountain is his new swimming pool.

Want more ideas for ways to beat the summer heat? Visit for innovative new looks that'll keep your cupcake dressed and ready for anything, no matter what time of year it is.

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