Lelli Kelly, True Religion and Daily Tea...Rollin' In!

Cupcake Jenny

It depends on the day and whether or not the store has been non-stop busy with customers, but most days we're pretty happy to see Fed Ex Eddie and UPS Eric wheel their carts full of big brown boxes through our front door (if we have been really busy, then that sinking feeling of "oh no, not another delivery" overtakes what should be joy jumping enthusiasm... but it usually dissipates fairly quickly). It's standard for us to jump up and request a roll call of the new arrivals from Eric and Eddie- it's always fun to hear them call out Petunia Pickle Bottom, Kicky Pants or... and even more fun to hear them phonetically pronounce Chiara Kruza and Jean Bourget. Over the last couple days, both Eric and Eddie have been busy with our new Spring deliveries. I'm extremely happy to report that we have finally received our True Religions! They are tagged, on the floor, and ready to go! We've also received new Lelli Kelly's, Daily Tea's Spring 1 delivery (and let me tell you, the colors are amazing!), new patterns of diaper wipes cases, Joe's Jeans, Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hider Nursing Covers and favorite books like The Baby Owners Manual and Memories for My Grandchild- a great gift for Grandma and Grandpa! As you can tell, our front door has seen a lot of brown box filled carts over the last couple of days and while we have been busy, we've managed to jump for joy almost every single time!

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