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Cupcake Jenna

When I was five, a few balloons, an ice cream cake, and a streamer or two made for a jolly good time at a child's birthday party. Granted that wasn't all that long ago, but things sure have changed. The newspaper crown my mom made has been replaced with oh-so-crafty party hats and the post-it reading, "Parte this waa" (what? I was 5!), has been replaced by a glamorously decorated entry way and only the best decorations. I think it's more competitive than it used to be. Everyone wants to have the best, most memorable shin dig and every mom wants to give her little prince or princess exactly that. If you missed my post about Tori Spelling's daughter's third birthday party, you should go check it out. You'll get my point.

Cupcake knows that you want to give your kiddo the absolute best party you can. And don't worry, we are here to help (although you will have to deal with the traveling zoo or mansion sized bounce house on your own). We have totally revamped our birthday section. No more are the days of one option for your little one. Now, we're excited to have birthday dresses from Ooh La La, the cutest birthday tees and tank tops with numbers atop cupcakes, Lego robot graphics on L/S tees, hand made mini top hats that exceed any regular cone party hat's dreams, and so much more.

It's about creating that perfect experience and the most memorable pictures. And how better to do that than with the most unique and incredible outfit?

And I'm not alone in this thinking. Celebrities are having the ultimate competition for the best and most extravagant birthday bash for their famous children. Trista Sutter (from "The Bachelorette," many seasons ago) through an Alice in Wonderland party, equipped with a dressed up White Rabbit and a Mad Hatter birthday cake. And of course the outfit was a full-on Alice dress and party hat.

Nobody knows more about the importance of the perfect outfit than Victoria Beckham. Her son, Cruz, celebrated his birthday will a detailed super hero costume, complete with a mask. Doesn't he look the part?

Then there's our ever-favorite Suri Cruise. Her 5th birthday party was a tea party to trump all others. Among the pretty decor, Suri wore a pink ruffled ensemble as she unwrapped her gifts.

If you're looking to plan the perfect birthday party for your little one, make sure you stop by Cupcake first. We'll help you find the best outfit and we can also be pretty crafty when it comes to party ideas in general!

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