Make Us Feel All Warm & Gooey Inside - Vote for Cupcake!

Cupcake Jenna

It's that time of year again. No, I'm not talking about Christmas or college basketball season (two of my usual favorite topics). It's the Best of the North Bay Awards time, by the Bohemian. It's when you stand up for all of your favorite local businesses and make them feel all warm and gooey inside. At least that's how we felt last year, when we won not just one, but two awards! We're out to win again, but we can't get anywhere without your loving support.

If you have voted for these before, be weary - there's a new rule that you have to fill in at least 50 businesses or your ballot doesn't count. I found this a little challenging. I just don't know who the Best Independent Bike Frame Builder is or Best Bartenders are. I can name a bike shop and a bar, but I just don't get that up close and personal with my bike sales associate or the guy who makes my Sex on the Beaches. But with determination and a few recommendations from my fellow Cupcakes, I was able to fill out about 65. I have included my ballot below in case anyone else has a hard time and needs a little inspiration. The deadline is January 13th, so don't forget to vote here ASAP!

All of that said, we would really appreciate our shoppers taking the time to vote. And of course thinking of us when they get to "Best Baby Gift Store" and "Best Kids' Clothing Store" and maybe even "Best Gift Shop" if you're feeling all warm and gooey too. We have so much fun every day in the stores and get so excited when we select the perfect gift, put together the perfect outfit, and recommend that miracle maternity dress that makes you feel like a super model. We live for this!

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to support us and so many other businesses. You guys rock!

And as promised, here is my ballot:

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