Millennium Moms: What's Great About 21st Century Motherhood

Is being a mother a sweeter deal now than it was twenty years ago? An article on iVillage says yes, and we at ShopCupcake have to agree! Read below to see why being a mother is better than ever, from personalized baby gifts to prouder Papas.

Farewell, frumpy maternity clothes. No doubt about it, one of the main parenting perks these days is the maternity clothes' makeover. Banishing stirrup leggings and sweats has made room for sleek and figure hugging maternity clothes that celebrate your curves rather than swaddle them. Check out our online store ShopCupcake for hot maternity looks like GP jeans, Momzee denim, logo tanks or Esme loungewear.
Better baby goodies. While iVillage champions gadgets like battery-powered baby swings, we at Cupcake believe the improvement of baby goodies can be attributed to advancements like personalized baby gifts, more lovable toys, and cuddlier stuffed animals. Check out our adorable line of Blabla stuffed animals to see what we mean.
Pampering Pampers. Indeed, one of the indisputable plusses of being a millennium mother is vastly improved diaper duty. IVillage champions the invention of wiper warmers, used to keep your baby’s buns warm during changing. We at Cupcake love innovations like new sophisticated diaper bags such as Petunia Picklebottom and Oi Oi. A diaper bag that doubles as a purse? Happy 21st century!
More Passionate Parenting. Now that the pressure to hold a career has been replaced with “choice” feminism and the Desperate Housewives, being a stay-at-home mom is not only socially acceptable, it’s hot! The payoff? Being a full-time parent allows moms to pay increased attention to their little ones and research new trends and ideologies that may have a crucial effect on their children’s development. Check out just a few hot parenting issues in our news section Fresh-out-of-the-Oven Cupcake.
Technological Advancement. While iVillage loves the invention of digital cameras for making it that much easier to brag about our sweet babies, ShopCupcake pays homage to the glory of the online baby boutique. Only sites like ours allow mothers to sit in their jammies while browsing the best in personalized baby gifts, baby bedding, maternity clothes and more, without missing Oprah or having to load their kids in the car. Our Celebrity Cupcake section even allows you to shop for personalized baby gifts while getting your tabloid fix at the same time. Carpe Diem, Modern Mother!
Diligent Dads. IVillage, ShopCupcake, and jubilant mothers everywhere agree on this one: more devout dads are definitely one of the greatest joys of being a millennium mommy. As diligent dads slowly replace deadbeat dads, hot daddy products like the super-masculine Diaper Dudes male diaper bags evolve to make sure parenting men are here to stay.
Drive-Thru Starbucks. Mmmm...convenient coffee. What else could a new mother want? And lest your little one gets jealous, why not grab one of these trendy Bebe Au Lait nursing covers so they too can chow on the go? Now that’s what we call making it a double!
Stylish baby clothes. Here’s a notion straight out of the modern world. While for generations baby clothes meant strictly ducks, daisies, and pastels, now there’s a whole new world of postmodern baby clothes. From the bold colors of Trumpette’s baby socks to cute political party tees, today’s baby clothes range from irreverent to politically incorrect, but are still downright adorable. Increased personal expression and refreshing sentiments on modern baby clothes makes shopping for them a whole lot more fun. Check out some original baby clothes’ styles here.
Personalized baby gifts. What’s in a name? Depends. When it’s written on your birth certificate, that’s pretty momentous. But when it’s emblazoned across your birthday dishes and etched into your first tooth box? Well that’s just plain precious. Personalized baby gifts allow for a return of sentiment and legacy that is often lost in our disconnected and impersonal world. Buying your little one a personalized baby dish or bowl not only gives them a special sense of uniqueness, it provides them with a meaningful heirloom that will never lose value even when they are grown. ShopCupake has oodles of adorable personalized baby gifts just right for your little one. Check them out here.
More Mommy Support. From prenatal yoga groups to online forums like and, there are a million places mothers can go now to talk to other mommies and get support for the issues they are going through. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Brooke Shields have courageously shed light on some of the darker and zanier sides of parenting in their self-written baby books, and these tell-alls have opened the floodgates for mommy books galore. Check out our mommy and baby book selection here.
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iVillage Pregnancy and Parenting: Why Being a Mom is Better Today than 20 Years Ago

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