My Facebook Plea!

Cupcake Jenna

People of Social Networking Land, I have been given the challenging task of increasing our fans on Facebook to 1,000 on both store pages by September 1st. I need to make this happen! I'll do anything! Dye my hair blue? Wear a giant Cupcake suit around downtown? Do the Funky Chicken in the store window display? You just let me know! I'm determined. If you have any other ideas how I can boost our fan base (crazy or a bit more sane), I'd love any tips you can offer. And while you're thinking of these great ideas, take a second and log onto Facebook and "like" both of our locations' pages: Cupcake | children & maternity - Santa RosaCupcake | children & maternity - Healdsburg 

Come on people, take pity on me! I have no friends! Thank you so much, Jenna

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These are dresses I mailed away to granddaughters, and grandnieces and there hasn't been enough time to receive feedback. I know that from all other outfits I have sent to them each time they were loved and thought they were wonderful quality and beautiful designs.


I’m satisfied with this purchase so far. The outfit is adorable and seems to be of good quality.


Super cute good fit


Fit perfectly


Great— adorable!