New Store Windows- Hippity Hop, Easter's on it's Way!

New Store Windows- Hippity Hop, Easter's on it's Way!

It's a goal for every store owner, well this store owner at least, to change the window displays at least once a month and attempt to not only solicit "oohs and ahhhs" by passers-by, but also attempt to reflect the current season, trend or holiday. And oh ya, inspire people to actually come inside! On Sunday evening, after closing the store, I got together with local designer Andrea Halkovich from Anya Larre to create an Easter Faries in the Garden window inspired by her magical designs.

Her latest creations include to-die-for Fairy Tutu Gowns- made for us in three different colors! Each gown is designed with oodles of soft flowing tulle (100 to 300 yards per gown depending on the size to be exact!), silk flowers that look as though they've been plucked straight from Martha's garden and sprigs of Swarovski crystals to add a little bling. Oh, and I did mention that the flowers can be removed and worn as hair clips? How cool is that?

Our delightful window also includes Andrea's sheer gauzy fairy wings, flower packed fairy wands and one of her signature tutus! And of course Easter Fairies in the garden wouldn't be complete without green grass beneath their feet and Easter baskets filled with colorful eggs and chocolate foil wrapped bunnies and butterflies flitting above.

I always enjoy designing and executing new windows and I hope you enjoy looking at them just as much! Stroll by when you get a chance and don't be afraid to exude your biggest "ooh and ahh!"

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