New Tea Fall 12 Collection Has Landed

Cupcake Jessica

It's time again to grab your passports and buckle, because up it's going to be a tasty 

flight for all you Tea and Cupcake lovers! We are headed overseas to the Nordic countries and our first stop is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark,

so get ready for some Danish flare! As many of you frequent Tea travelers know, the company gets their inspiration for their designs by traveling the world, and this fall season was inspired by three different Nordic countries. While the first delivery draws it's inspiration from Denmark, we'll then travel to Finland just in time for back to school shopping, swing by Sweden mid Fall, and finish up with a hand-craft inspired holiday collection before the holiday season gets started.

Our first fashion stop (in our stores now!) was inspired by the innocent and unique energy of Copenhagen. Tea's designers noticed flashes of neon all around town, so they added bright colors to liven up their designs. As the Tea designers cruised around Copenhagen, they noticed that many of the bikes were decorated with yarn- from the weaving of yarn through their spokes to wrapping the entire frame! These became the inspiration for the Cycle Chic Tee and we have to say, it's one of our faves! This tee is the perfect mix of pale pink combined with the bright, intricately embroidered details that reflect those pops of color they witnessed.

Vintage Danish pottery became one of the muses for the Tea designers- the beautiful Marguerite Banded Dress and Tulip Bubble dress were born! Both dresses have unique silhouettes and designs mixed with pops of vibrant color to complement any little girl's style. And the Skinny Striped Leggings featuring soft gray and pink lemonade coordinate perfectly! The Lunefuld Playdress features a scattered flower design inspired by famous Dutch tulips, while the Tivoli Gardens dress brings a more structured and sophisticated

vibe for an every day piece. For the boys, we brought in the Copenhagen Tee which truly embodies all the aspects that the Tea designers loved about Copenhagen - from the bright lights to the fun bikes and vintage designs! We are carrying sizes 0-3 months to 10 for this collection and all of the pieces are so cute, we know they are going to fly out the door to do their own traveling. This whole first part of the collection is perfect for the transition period into fall, and really gives off a playful and comfy vibe!

Next we are off to Finland to take on a fresh and bold style just in time for school to start! You had a great summer with lots of beautiful colors, why stop?! This collection has bright and fearless colors mixed in to keep the playground lively as school rolls around! To go with the splash of bold colors, the Tea designers incorporated great mod and geometric shapes inspired by the beautiful architecture in Finland. This collection is meant to remind us to keep a young, free, and outgoing spirit throughout the whole year, even when the homework and busy schedules start up again!

True fall will arrive as we land in Sweden! Fall always displays the powers of mother nature as the trees change color and shape, and so will the Tea designs! This third delivery is inspired by whimsical woodland motifs and vintage woodsman styling. Pulling from Swedish textile art and nature, Tea hascreated a modern look that stays true to the magical and warm feelings mid fall and the beginning of winter bring to our hearts. These clothes, of course, will start to become warmer - perfect for the overlap of Fall and Winter!

Guess what?! We loved Sweden so much we decided to stay for the holidays! The fourth and final part of the fall collection is a handmade-feeling holiday collection, taking after the coziness of Sweden - a perfect mix of all things old and new. These designs capture the feeling of security that Winter brings as we bundle up and walk close together, while still encapsulating the mystery and excitement of the holiday spirit! Tea's Inspiration has been pulled from traditional folk art and handcrafts and made modern to make sure your little cupcake not only stays warm but, but is dressed to impress for each Winter outing!

Here at Cupcake we are so excited for this collection to come in and spice up our stores! We know that we will have a piece for everyone to enjoy this beautiful fall. Hurry in, because just like the Tea designers that fly around the world designing, the clothes will fly out the door to be part of many new travels to come!

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