Night of the Living Cupcakes: Halloween Cupcake Edition

Cupcake Jenna

How do the Cupcakes celebrate Halloween? With spooky decorations and adorable outfits of course! There's no question that here at Cupcake we enjoy celebrating every occasion! We prepared for Halloween this year with thrilling costumes of our own, killer outfits for fashionable tots and bone chilling decorations! It's no surprise us Cupcakes are not afraid to give the frosting on these stores a couple orange and black sprinkles! From creative chalk drawings to hanging spider webs and braving ladders and glue guns for the sake of our Santa Rosa window display! There's no doubt these Cupcakes are dedicated!

We even braved a very scary spider that tried crawling on our outfits and candy bucket! Yes, I said candy bucket! Before you get too excited about Cupcake's candy stash, we should probably tell you that the trendy tots of Healdsburg cleaned out our candy supply! There's nothing more heart warming then hearing "Trick or Treat" and seeing little Monsters, Firefighters, Princesses and even a S'more walk in the door.

Our decorations are set, Ghost Busters and Monster Mash is blaring through our speakers, our candy stash is gone and you're probably thinking how could we get into the Halloween spirit anymore than we already are? Well I think our Cupcakes cute costumes answer that question! Cupcake Jenna and Cupcake Josie were flying high with owl wings and even a witches broom!

We weren't the only ones putting our spooky minds to the test! Here are a couple creative costumes by celebrity Cupcakes!

From left to right: Neil Patrick Harris' family went all out with some Halloween classics; Harper and Gideon make the cutest Bride of Frankenstein and Werewolf! Sandra Bullock dressed up son Louis as an adorable skeleton with wings; mommy Sandra even got creative with her Dias de los Muertos make up! Last but definitely not least is Jimmy Fallon's little angel Winnie Rose as an adorable little chicken! Winnie Rose is even rockin' a Wubbanub, a brand us Cupcakes are very familiar with!

Now that the Eve of November is upon us the costumes and decorations must be put away, but don't be sad! Cupcake will be spookified again before you know it!

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